Eugene Marriage Counselor… Why I Don’t Take Insurance [Video] and You Shouldn’t Either!

Here are the top 3 reasons I don’t take Insurance Reimbursements:

Summary of video (watch it because I have great images which prove what I’m saying).. but if you’re a got to have it now person, then…

Why I don’t accept insurance reimbursements for counseling

1. Therapy is private and confidential, except where it isn’t.

Data about extremely sensitive private information concerning your life is collected by insurance agencies is available to many people legally, and lots of people illegally, such as…

  • – Advertisers
  • – Researchers
  • – Hackers
  • – Scammers
  • – Future Employers
  • – the information is “private” but how private are records stored on a server?
  • If a hacker can steal 50 million credit card records from one of the most secure companies in the world, do you doubt people can find out about your private mental health life?

This means these people can find out if you’ve been classified as psychiatrically depressed, been referred to as “bipolar disorder,” “schizophrenic,”  had sexual dysfunction, etc etc.

2. In order to be reimbursed for their time with you, therapists must submit information about you including a psychiatric diagnosis, coded as a “mental illness.”

DSM V, ICD Codes

3. As a therapist, I’ve never thought of my clients as “sick” or “pathological.”  This process – if you are going to get paid – requires you to think that way as a therapist.  I refuse!  I will give you a receipt for your payment, and you can do with that whatever you like.

I don’t like “pigeon-holing” people!

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