Eugene Relationship Counseling: Affairs and Infidelity

Affairs almost always destroy relationships.

They may not always end in divorces or separations, but they always undermine the foundation of relationships.

Marriages are built on the premise of fidelity and honesty.

Affairs are always betrayals of these bonds.

There are sexual affairs and there are emotional affairs.

Increasingly with social media emotional affairs are becoming more widespread.

An emotional affair or even a “flirtation” can be just as devastating to some people as an outright sexual infidelity.

The message of an affair is “I no longer honor the sacred agreement we made with one another.”

Whether the sacred agreement can be re-established, or another, new agreement can be reached, all depends on

  •  the speed of the intervention
  •  how well emotions are managed
  •  how skillfully communications are conducted
  •  whether the partners truly care to re-connect
  • whether skillful and experienced third party (like a therapist) help is used.

Very few couples can REALLY get beyond affairs without professional help.

I’m not just saying that because I’m a therapist.  It is true.

Dr. Max Vogt, Eugene Marriage Counselor, Eugene Marriage Counseling

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